About us


Our vision of Nusa was developed whilst travelling and exploring parts of the world to find the look that we desired. Our passion for creating a home interiors brand that has a distinct identity came to life when we visited Scandinavia and Indonesia in particular. The unique, simplistic and authentic designs represented everything that we wanted to be.

Whilst researching our place in the industry, we quickly realised that we wanted to be different. We wanted to do our bit to help the environment whilst address the need that people have to fill their homes with the vibrant, stylish and wonderful pieces that they deserve.

Our passion lies in creating a natural modern look using statement furniture and natural pieces to add tranquillity and comfort to your space.

Our products are sourced globally, however we are continuing to expand our local handcrafted and bespoke reclaimed furniture range, which is designed and manufactured using local craftsman. The handcrafted pieces are being created using sustainable and ethically sourced materials where possible. We are also always continuing to work closely with our global partners to source new and talented artisans that share our vision.

To demonstrate, how we are different and to show our love and care for the environment, there are a number of things that we are doing.

With each order placed we’re helping our carefully selected tree planting charity Plant Your Future with their work at grassroots level to fight poverty, climate change and biodiversity loss in the Amazon.

We also are offsetting our carbon footprint through supporting our couriers in their mission to make logistics greener and more sustainable whilst eradicating waste.

We are a small family business and we would love for you to join our journey of creating timeless unique design within your home whilst consciously protecting our beautiful planet.